Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I create an account? Can I just checkout as a guest?

A: You can absolutely check out as a guest. But by creating an account, it is easier for you to access your previous orders, track your current order, and stay in the loop when products you like go on sale. 


Q: Are you going to send me constant emails?

A: Nope! You'll get emails when you place an order and to update you on shipping status, and occasional emails about new products or other news we think you'll enjoy. But if at any point you feel like you're getting too many emails, you can edit your email preferences in your profile or click "unsubscribe" at the bottom of any marketing email.


Q: I have an issue with the order I just placed - what can I do?

A: You can reference our shop policies here, but the quick version is that you should reach out to us at as soon as you realize the issue and we will try our best to resolve it before your order ships. If we don't catch it in time - don't panic! You still have options, check out our refund and exchange policies. 


Q: My order was just delivered and I have a problem with it.

A: We're so sorry to hear that! Please reach out to us at as soon as you realize there is an issue so we can work on making it right. In the case of damage (whether to the shipping box or the products themselves) a picture is worth a thousand words, so snap a few to include with your email. 


Q: Why haven't you featured [insert name here]? 

A: History is a big place, and there are a ton of people and events to choose from. Then, I have to figure out if that figure or event easily lends itself to creating a specific fragrance or product - which doesn't always happen. Plus I'm operating on my base knowledge which is admittedly incomplete. But, I'm always open to learn about a new piece of history! So if you have any suggestions drop me an email at with some background information or links to resources and I'll gladly learn more! 


Q: Why does my product look different than in the picture?

A: All our items are hand-crafted, so some variation is to be expected. Every effort is made to represent the products as they actually are, but sometimes (especially due to supply chain issues caused by the pandemic) certain changes need to be made to packaging to stay in stock and reasonably priced. For example, you may receive a clear cap on your bottle rather than black, if for some reason black caps are unavailable. 

Another issue that can happen is over time some fragrances can impact the color of products - for example, anything with vanilla in the fragrance can cause products to gradually turn brown over time. It's a purely cosmetic change, and won't impact the function or fragrance of your product. If you have any concerns, please reach out to and we'd be happy to help.