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Fragrance sampler

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We want you to be confident when you make your purchase that you will like the fragrance you've selected. And because no amount of descriptive language can compare to smelling a fragrance in-person, we've put together this sample set containing a sample packet of each of our fragrances in our Everyday Luxuries products. Get a generously-sized preview of our regular products to test out our fragrances, or to treat yourself to luxurious travel-sized items on the go!

Whichever product(s) you select, you will receive one sample of each of the following fragrances:

- Anne Boleyn

- Boudicca

- Cleopatra

- Eleanor Roosevelt

- Florence Nightingale

- Jane Austen

- Marie Antoinette

- Zelda Fitzgerald


Fragrance-free ("Anonymous") samples of our products are also available.