Custom and Wholesale orders

Custom Orders

We are currently open for custom orders, including but not limited to party/wedding favors, bridesmaid gifts, gift baskets, and custom fragrances/designs. Price and lead times will vary depending on many factors, but the general rules are:

1. At minimum, 50% of the total price will be due before production can begin. Multiple factors will influence this, including the nature of the product and cost of materials and labor.

2. We will not create any products that infringe on copyrighted material or someone else's intellectual property. 

3. Depending on the product and quantities requested, your lead time (how long it will take between you placing the order and you receiving the order) can be anywhere from a week to a couple months. Ordering supplies takes time, and some products (like Artisan Soap) need time to cure before they can be packaged and safely shipped.

All other details will be outlined after an initial planning conversation, and production will not begin until you sign off on any applicable designs/material selections and pay the deposit. 

If you are interested in working with us on a custom order, please reach out to us at and include "Custom order inquiry" in the subject line.


Wholesale Orders:

Looking for a beautifully crafted, unique product to sell in your store or boutique? Well, look no further! 

To inquire about wholesale pricing and terms, please email with "Wholesale request" in the subject line, and more details about what you're looking for. We'd love to work with you!