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"Hey, mama, don't forget to practice self-care! After all, you can't pour from an empty cup!" If I had a nickel for every time I heard that when my babies were newborns, I could afford a full-blown spa day. But what these well-meaning people so often forget is that self-care doesn't usually just happen! It requires planning, shopping, and scheduling. And some days, I just don't have the bandwidth to think about those things, and I'm sure you're just as busy! So, I'm putting together this list of some of my favorite things if you're in a shopping mood, and every #selfcaresaturday over on my Instagram, I'll be sharing a variety of ideas for ways you can take [self] care, no matter how much time or money you can spend on it!

In the meantime, here are some of my absolute faves!


Sleep Headphones: these are the ones I sleep with almost every night, and they're amazing. My husband can snore (sorry for ratting you out, babe!), but I don't feel comfortable wearing earplugs because my kiddos still have a baby monitor. These are soft, comfortable, adjustable, and last a good amount of time on a single charge. The eye mask portion does a really good job of blocking out the light from the monitor and helps me fall asleep faster.

Silk Pillowcase or satin sleep cap: If anyone has curly, wavy, or otherwise textured hair these things are a must-have. A silk pillowcase feels so amazing on your skin, and the satin lining of this cap helps keep your hair from getting all frizzy from tossing and turning at night.

Overnight masks: It's sometimes hard for me to find time to sit still for the 15-20 minutes required for sheet masks or rinse-off masks. So ones that can be used overnight are a great way to get the skin benefits without having to worry about setting a timer or getting distracted and leaving them on too long! Here are some of the ones I'm using right now.


Hand Care: When paired with gloves, our Cuticle Oil and Luxury Hand Cream make an excellent overnight deep-treatment for dry hands and cuticles. Latex or nitrile gloves can work in a pinch, but my hands always feel a little weird the next morning so I've started using these cotton gloves instead. They still keep the oil and cream on your skin instead of your sheets, but they're a lot more breathable. Plus, because there are 8 pairs you have plenty of spares in case you need to wash them!




Ah, mornings. The bane of my existence. Anything I can do to make my mornings even the least bit more enjoyable (or less awful, because some days it's just going to be like that), I will absolutely do. 

Facial Mist: I don't usually wash my face in the morning, unless I wore makeup the night before. And as I roll groggily out of bed to get my toddlers up, sometimes a cool blast of juicy watermelon-scented goodness to the face is just the pick-me-up I need to keep me going until my coffee is done brewing. 

Slippers: A pair of warm cozy slippers with supportive, hard soles are a must - they live by my bedside and I slip my feet into them like every movie "waking up" montage you've ever seen. 

Speaking of coffee: I'm an absolute caffeine hound. So if you aren't - you're a stronger person than I am, and feel free to skip to the next section 😉

But if you like hot bean water as much as this girl, here are some of my must-haves.

Ninja Coffee Bar: Mine is a slightly older version, but this thing is amazing and was one of my first purchases when we bought our house. I got it before I got my actual bed, but it made sleeping on an air mattress while 7 months pregnant perfectly tolerable. I love how flexible it is - I can brew anywhere from a single cup to a full carafe, no pods to fill up a landfill, and tons of innovative features that I didn't know I needed before this (I'm looking at you, flip-down single cup platform). Plus, I can make frothed milk with a splash of flavoring and sprinkles so the kiddos can enjoy "coffee" with me, and make specialty drinks like lattes and cappucinos.

Ember coffee mug: As far as drinking my coffee goes, this thing can't be beat. It felt a little silly at first - I have to download an app? For my coffee mug!?! My elder millennial mind was blown. But as long as I remember to put it back on the charging coaster when I'm not using it, this bad boy keeps my coffee at whatever temperature I choose for as long as the battery lasts. And I haven't had to microwave a forgotten cup of coffee in months. I'm pretty sure I get a mom merit badge for that.

Silly coffee spoon: Every time I see this, I smile. Hell yeah, I'll be the damn unicorn today. Thanks, spoon!

General Organization and Household

 During the day, when I'm not actively keeping my kids from scaling a bookshelf or trying to ride the cat, I strive to get as much done as possible on the administrative end of things so I can use my "free time" after bedtime to do the creative and manufacturing work. And while it may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of self-care, spending the time up-front to streamline things absolutely counts, too! Just think of it as current you doing something nice for future you!

Calendar/planner: This bad boy is amazing (when I remember to use it). In addition to a monthly calendar followed by weekly spreads, it also has pre-planning and reflection sections that let you analyze your progress toward your goals and reflect on things that happened, both good and bad. 

Affresh cleaners: Look, I know how easy it is to forget a load of laundry in the washing machine. And I swear my garbage disposal is a weird smell factory in disguise. So I set up recurring subscriptions to these cleaners for all over my house, and set an alarm in my phone to use them on the 1st of the month. An ounce of prevention and all that. Not having to figure out what that weird smell in your kitchen is? Absolutely self-care in my book.


Hanging file organizer: This thing is so pretty, and I love how it reminds me of veins on a leaf. Filing isn't my favorite task and while this doesn't make it easier or faster, it does make it prettier.

Smart Plugs: if you have a voice assistant in your house, smart plugs can prevent a lot of reaching for annoying outlets or switches. Turn your holiday lights on and off, control a lamp in the corner, or your bedside light from just about anywhere.

Bath and Shower

Sometimes if you've only got 5 minutes and need a self-care moment, a nice shower can be just the break you need. Or, if you find yourself with an hour or more, maybe it's time to finally clear all the foam letters and toy tug boats out of the bath tub and soak your worries away!

Overflow cover: If your house is from the 1960s like mine, your bathtub isn't always deep enough to fully soak. This bad boy slips over the overflow on your tub drain and lets you fill it a couple extra inches, which can make all the difference for adults. Obviously don't use it unless you're watching to make sure the tub doesn't....well, overflow. 

Bathtub tray: Watching a show, listening to a podcast, or scrolling Instagram in the tub just got a lot safer for your devices. Plus, there's a spot for any other little items you may want to include in your bath experience, like a wine or other beverage glass, a scented candle, and some candy. And extra bonus - this one also has pop-up legs so you can use it as a bed tray!

Sea sponges: If you've never used a sea sponge instead of a nylon shower pouf, you're missing out. I love that they are a renewable resource, and they are so much softer than your average shower pouf. It makes any body wash feel extra luxurious on your skin.

Shower steamer tray: This little bamboo holder is the perfect size for our mini shower bombs! You can absolutely use it with the regular size ones as well, they just hang over the edge a bit.

Kitsch brand accessories: I love the shower cap, hair towel, and headband. And all their patterns are so adorable!


Shower Speaker: Never underestimate the power of a good soundtrack for your shower or bath. 

Wine glass holder for shower: Look, you can put anything you want in this shatterproof wine glass. Water? Sure, add a slice of lemon to be extra fancy. Sparkling apple cider? Heck yeah! Any sort of alcoholic beverage? As long as you're being responsible, go for it. But the joys of a cold beverage in a hot shower cannot be overstated.

Silicone face mask cover: One of my pet peeves was that I couldn't do anything else while I had a sheet mask on my face - it would constantly slide around or drop off. But these silicone covers remove that problem! So now I can put on a face mask during my shower, or as I'm checking emails at my desk without having to worry.

And if you're looking for good face masks to use with the silicone cover, my personal favorites are from either TonyMoly or FaceTory. They have great assortments so you can try a little bit of everything, depending on your mood and skin needs that day.


What are your favorite self-care purchases? Are there any areas of your daily routine that you're struggling with? Let me know in the comments!


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